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Condenser Coil Maintenance

The function of the condenser coil is to remove heat from the hot gas refrigerant so that the refrigerant becomes liquid again as air passes across the condenser coil. To maintain design temperatures and efficiency the condenser coil must stay relatively clean and without corrosion throughout the life of operation. The following are some results of  dirty condenser coils.

Decreased Air Flow

  • Increased Refrigerant Pressure Drop
  • High Discharge Condensing Temperatures
  • Increase High Amperage Draws from Compressor

Maintaining your coil is critical to maintaining efficiency of your HVAC equipment and there are simple cleaning routines/procedures to ensure a clean coil. To start you will need a quality coil cleaning system designed for maximum pressure without damaging fins.


Coil Cleaning Schedule:

  • Clean condenser coils once a month using warm water to loosen and remove all debris, contaminants and for coastal regions salt (chloride).
  • Quarterly cleaning of condenser coils using non-acidic bio degradable coil cleaner.
  • Using a fin comb straighten all bent fins to allow for standard air flow.


Having clean condenser coils will maximize unit efficiency and increase the life span of the HVAC equipment! Condenser Coil Maintenance



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  • What is the typical lifespan of a condenser coil that is maintained properly?

  • sBarz

    Christie thank you for the question.
    When properly installed and
    maintained your condenser coil should last 10-16 years depending on the
    type of system and location. If your unit is located near a coastal
    environment the lifespan of the condenser coil will significantly
    decrease unless an anti-corrosion coating is applied to the coil.There are many variables but that is an average.