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AAON DX Evaporator Coil

If you are in need a replacement AAON DX evaporator coil Nationwide Coils has the capabilities to manufacture these complex evaporator coils. What makes them unique is there header configuration, the suction lines are at the top of the coil compared to standard configurations of the connections coming from the bottom of the coil. This allows for even flow out of the coil and back to the compressor as a vapor. The reason they are able to have the connections from the top of the header is by using a graduated header, this header design uses smaller diameter tubing at the bottom of the coil gradually getting larger as the header works towards the top of the coil. This creates the internal refrigerant velocity necessary to allow the correct flow of refrigerant back to the compressor from the top of the coil. Providing a direct replacement AAON DX Evaporator coil takes careful design, we have built hundreds of these coils while perfecting our ability to manufacturer a superior replacement AAON DX evaporator coil for your unit. If you have any additional questions about any AAON coil products we look forward to speaking with you. With years of experience we are your best resource for replacement AAON DX evaporator coil.