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Coil of Duty: How to read a Carrier® Unit Model Number “38ARZ008---511" Commercial Air-Cooled Split System.

Understanding coil model numbers might be part of the job, but it shouldn’t be such work.

Carrier Unit Main Image

Today we get a little more familiar with the Carrier® Unit Model Number “38ARZ008---511" Commercial Air-Cooled Split System.


The “38AR” indicates that this unit is a Commercial Air-Cooled Condensing Unit.


The “Z” stands for Single Circuit Scroll Compressor.


The “008” tells us that this particular unit has a capacity of 7 tons.

38ARZ008 - - -511

The first two dashes “- -“ are not used for anything. (Go figure!)

38ARZ008 - - - 511

However, the third dash “-“ lets us know that the condenser coil fin material is aluminum. This is very important for the condenser coil replacement. The fin material options for this condenser coil is aluminum, copper, factory-coated aluminum and factory-coated copper.

38ARZ008 - - - 511

The remaining numbers “511” are irrelevant in figuring out the condenser coils for this unit.

The Carrier data shows that this particular unit we are looking at has a quantity of 2 u-shaped condenser coils that have two rows of tubes and 17 aluminum fins per inch.

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