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Condenser Coil Cleaning

Keeping the aluminum or copper fins on your condenser coil clean is important to sustaining both the efficiency and overall lifespan of your condenser coils. Once your aluminum or copper fins become corroded from air contaminants (Salt - Chemicals etc.) their ability to transfer heat is greatly diminished. If the fins are dirty, this is the beginning of the end of your condenser coil having the correct heat rejection, and in turn, not changing states of refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. There are two factors in examining the condition of your coil; One, Is the fin pack dirty and if so how dirty - Two, What is the condition of the aluminum or copper fins in terms of rigidity.
  • If the fin pack is dirty or clogged, you are restricting the air flow through the coil decreasing the capacity of the coil and the coil must be cleaned.
  • Are your fins brittle (Braking/flaking) when you touch them? If so, the fins have already lost there ability to transfer heat. Cleaning them with water or cleaners would only further stress and break the fins decreasing the coils ability to transfer heat.
Properly maintaining your coils by cleaning them every 3 months keeps the coil clean with proper airflow across the condenser coil, and keeps your fins in top condition with minimal corrosion. Condenser Coil Cleaning is one of the most important factors in the overall lifespan and efficiency of your units.