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Hot Water Coils

Nationwide Coils is a leading manufacturer of hot water coils with design and manufacturing capabilities to supply you with the perfect fit replacement HVAC heating coil. Hot water coils are common products used for heating a variety of buildings and facilities across the united states and are an effective water to air method to heating method. As hot water from a boiler or solar thermal system enters the coil the cold air moving across the face is absorb through the heat transfer of the hot water. The transfer of heat can be increased or decreased depending on the materials of construction, most common materials are copper tube and aluminum fins. To achieve your desired leaving air temperatures there are adjustments that can be made including number rows, number of fins, entering water temperature, gallons per minute through coil and circuiting configurations. Whether it is a replacement or custom design hot water coil Nationwide Coils is here to help you select the exact heating product you are looking for. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog we hope you found this information on hot water coils very useful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us we look forward to hearing from you!