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Steam Coil Design

Steam Coil Tips

Implement a maintenance program to insure that steam traps are operating correctly and at maximum efficiency. Failure to do so could result in premature failure of the coil and loss of warranty due to condensate backing up into the coil causing leaks, or allowing the coil to freeze during low ambient conditions if supply air drops below 40° F.

Steam distributing coils may be called "NON-FREEZE" coils. However, these coils will freeze if temperatures drop below the freezing point. If there is the possibility that the coils will experience freezing temperatures, install freeze safeties in the system to prevent damage to the coils.

Preventing Coil Freeze-ups

One useful tip to preventing damaging coil freeze-ups is to assure the coils are pitched toward the return connection. This allows condensate to exit and not freeze in the coil, potentially bursting it.