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TRANE RAUCC40 Replacement Condenser Coils

Yesterday we took a drive to South West Miami to complete a detailed site survey of replacement condenser coils for the TRANE RAUCC40 air cooled chiller. On these particular condenser coils the casing on the top and bottom has angles that meet at a point and are designed to give extra support to the base of the coil. It is critical to correctly duplicate the angles on the tube sheet so that when new condenser coil is installed in the existing unit there is a seamless installation, with no need for any modifications. This model also has an additional feature separating it from the others in the RAUCC air cooled chiller family - Its fin pack does not go the entire distance of the tube sheet. This means that only three quarters of the tube sheet has a fin and tubes being circuited through it, the remaining face area is plated off. This allows for the same unit footprint for different tonnage units with out changing coil dimensions completely. The TRANE RAUCC40 is a prime example of the importance of site surveying. With performance variables and unique design, the coil must be thoroughly examined for an exact duplicate to be manufactured.