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Lennox L-Series Condenser Coils

The other day we completed a site survey of a Lennox LCC180S roof top unit that has two single row condenser coils place in a V shape. They are long narrow coils supported on the top and bottom with galvanized brackets. The top portion of each coil are each individual circuits. The smaller bottom circuits on each condenser coil tied together to complete the third circuit on this Lennox RTU. Considering the fact that it is a single row coil, the header configuration was very intricate with required circuitry detail. It is also very important to ensure the connections are located in the right spot due to the limited space and numerous copper pipes. In addition to the condenser coils, the LCC180S RTU has a 3 circuit DX evaporator coil that Nationwide Coils also can manufacture. Condenser coils in Florida have a general life span of approximately 4-6 years. There are many factors that can make a coil have a longer or shorter operating life pan. As an example locations that get more wind and have a lot of salt or chemicals in the air will have coils that fail faster than others (Coil Cleaning and Maintenance is Critical). The RTU’s condenser coils are exposed to many elements as well that can corrode your equipment – Nationwide coils manufactures replacement coils built to rigorous standards to increase the coils lifespan and coil coating is always offered.

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