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Addison Commercial OEM Replacement Coils

Addison has become increasingly popular for fresh air RTU’s and rightfully so taking market share from the likes of AAON. There units have proven to be reliable and efficient product for all fresh air applications and have a solid reputation especially in the hotter more humid Southeast. They utilize copper tube aluminum fin condenser coils in the manufacturing process and have chosen to not to follow the trend of MCHX micro channel coils, giving the end user a higher quality product. Nationwide Coils offers replacement coils for all Addison Condenser, DX Evaporator, and Hot Gas Reheat coils exceed the quality with thicker copper tube wall and fins as a standard. We have a large database of drawings on file for Addison units and can build your replacement coil in as quick as 5 business days.

Manufacturing custom direct replacement OEM coils is a specialty that few coil manufacturers can achieve. Our replacement coil manufacturing process uses superior construction materials and address operational issues that the coil we are replacing may have experienced in the field. We are able to build coils based on tube size, circuiting and fins per inch that match the exact capacity and fit of existing OEM coils.

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Please note that Nationwide Coils, Inc. does not supply coils for residential use.

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