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Condenser Coils

Nationwide Coils, Inc. offers condenser coils designed for use with all refrigerants including HFC’s and HCFC’s. Built to rigorous specifications for use outside, we place an emphasis on our brazed connections to combat thermal expansion as well as the harsh environment of the outdoors. With your replacement condenser coils we can make adjustments to increase the life span of your coil through specific design and construction. We offer various circuiting to meet all specifications including multiple circuits and face split condenser coils.

To find out more about our condenser coil products, check out these pages:

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Condenser Coil Maintenance

Keep Condenser Coils  clean to maintain maximum performance for operation at highest efficiency,  during periods of high cooling demand or when dirty conditions prevail. For example, remove the build-up of cottonwood fuzz that is a seasonal issue in some regions. Prior to cleaning, disconnect and lockout electrical power. Cover motors to prevent moisture from penetrating into the windings, potentially causing motor failure. Remove large debris from the coils and straighten fins before cleaning. Clean refrigerant coils with cold water and detergent or with one of the commercially-available chemical coil cleaners. Rinse coils thoroughly after cleaning.

Do not clean the coil with hot water or steam. The use of hot water or steam (in non-steam coils) as a refrigerant coil-cleaning agent will cause high pressure inside the coil tubing and subsequent damage to the coil.

Do not use acidic chemical coil cleaners. Do not use alkaline chemical coil cleaners that, after mixing, have a ph value greater than 8.5 without also using an aluminum corrosion inhibitor in the cleaning solution. Failure to follow these guidelines or the manufacturer’s instructions for use of cleaning chemicals could result in damage to the unit.

Exercise extreme caution with any caustic or toxic chemical coil-cleaning compounds to prevent personal injury or equipment damage.

Certification – Acceptable coils are to have ARI Standard 410 certification and bear the ARI symbol. Non-certified coils or coils outside ARI’s rating range will be considered if the manufacturer is a current member of the ARI air-cooling and air-heating coils certification program and the coils have been rated in accordance with ARI Standard 410.

Acceptable coils are to be Intertek Recognized Components, and are eligible to bear the ETL Listed Mark.

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Condenser Coils Image


  • Copper
Condenser Coils Image


  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
Condenser Coils Image


  • Copper
    • Tube Size: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8"
    • Tube Wall Thickness: 3/8" & 1/2" (.016 and .020), 5/8" (.020, .025, .035, .049)
Condenser Coils Image


  • Aluminum
    • Fin Thickness: .006, .008, .010
  • Copper
    • Fin Thickness: .006