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DX Evaporator Coils Image

DX Evaporator Coils

DX evaporator coils are designed to be used in air-side applications for cooling, heating, and dehumidifying. With a wide array of distributors and TXV’s, we are able to provide proper reduction of pressure and temperature to optimize coil performance. Our DX Evaporator coils offer various circuiting capabilities as well as face split and intertwined designs. Nationwide Coils, Inc. the capability to design, duplicate, and produce custom dx evaporator coils as well as OEM replacement evaporator coils.

•  DX Evaporator Coils – 1 to 12 rows

FPI – Fins Per Inch
• 1/2″ OD tube coils – 6 to 16 fins per inch
• 3/8” OD tube coils – 10 to 20 fins per inch
• 5/8” OD tube coils – 6 to 14 fins per inch
• Standard fins are .006” die formed aluminum with collared tube holes
• Optional fins are .008 and .010” aluminum and .006” copper

FH – Fin Height
• For 5/8″ tube coils, fin heights are available in increments of 1.5”
• For 1/2″ tube coils, fin heights are available in increments of 1.25”
• For 3/8″ tube coils fins are available in 1.00″ increments

FL – Fin Length
Maximum fin length is 250 inches. Center supports are required for every 50” of fin length. A center support is sheet metal with tube holes used to support the middle of the fin pack.

Certification – Acceptable coils are to have ARI Standard 410 certification and bear the ARI symbol. Non-certified coils or coils outside ARI’s rating range will be considered if the manufacturer is a current member of the ARI air-cooling and air-heating coils certification program and the coils have been rated in accordance with ARI Standard 410.

Acceptable coils are to be Intertek Recognized Components, and are eligible to bear the ETL Listed Mark.

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