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Steam Distribution Coils Image

Steam Distribution Coils

Steam distribution coils also known as non-freeze steam coils are designed for low temperature applications. Where entering air temps of 55 degrees or less. Specializing in design and production of your steam distribution coils, with proper condensate removal for efficient operation. These steam coils are designed with one header, a tube within a tube configuration, and baffles which direct the steam directly through the inner tube. This allows condensation to be removed out of the outer tube and to the return. Tube and connection sizes are essential parts of the design of a steam distribution coil, as they limit water hammer and the freezing of tubes, providing even steam distribution throughout the entire coil. We manufacture steam distribution coils with various tube wall thicknesses that are designed for optimum performance handling a large range of steam pressures.

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Design Pressure / Temperatures – Steam Coils – 3-125 psig / 353° F

Tubing – Tubing and return Bends  are constructed from UNS12200 seamless copper conforming to ASTM B75 and ASTM B251.

Steam Pressure.025″ Copper Tube Wall – 5 – 25 PSI.035″ Copper Tube Wall – 26 – 75 PSI .049″ Copper Tube Wall – 76 – 125 PSI

Copper Tube Temper – Light annealed with a maximum grain size of 0.040 mm and a maximum hardness of Rockwell 65 on the 15T scale.

Tube Expansion – Mechanically expanded to form an interference fit with the fin collars without decreasing tube wall thickness.

Minimum Thickness – 0.025 inch for 0.625 inch tubing unless specified otherwise.

Headers – Headers shall be constructed from UNS 12200 seamless copper conforming to ASTM B75, ASTM B88 and ASTM B251.

Connections – Male Pipe Thread (MPT) and constructed from red brass conforming to ASTM B43 or schedule 40 steel.

Male Pipe thread (MPT) or Female pipe thread (FPT)  and constructed from copper

Sweat Connection constructed from UNS 12200 seamless copper conforming to ASTM B75 and ASTM B251

Brazing – High temperature filler metals shall be used for all brazed joints. Filler metal will containing at least 5% silver.

Casing (Endplates and Side Plates
1. Copper 0.093 inch thick meeting ASTM B152
2. 16 or 14 Gauge, stainless steel meeting ASTM A240
3. 16 or 14 Gauge, G90 Galvanized steel meeting ASTM A653

Certification – Acceptable coils are to have ARI Standard 410 certification and bear the ARI symbol. Non-certified coils or coils outside ARI’s rating range will be considered if the manufacturer is a current member of the ARI air-cooling and air-heating coils certification program and the coils have been rated in accordance with ARI Standard 410.

Acceptable coils are to be Intertek Recognized Components, and are eligible to bear the ETL Listed Mark.

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Steam Distribution Coils Image


  • Materials:
    • Copper
    • Cupro-Nickel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Carbon Steel
  • Sizes:
    • 5/8"
    • 1"
  • Wall Thickness:
    • 5/8" (.025, .035, .049)
    • 1" (.035, .049)
Steam Distribution Coils Image


  • Copper
  • Cupro-Nickel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
Steam Distribution Coils Image


  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
Steam Distribution Coils Image


  • Materials:
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Stainless Steel
    • Carbon Steel
  • Specifications:
    • 3/8" Tube - 10-20 fpi
    • 1/2" Tube - 6-16 fpi
    • 5/8" Tube - 6-14 fpi
  • Fin Thickness:
    • 0.006
    • 0.008
    • 0.010