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Steam Distribution Coil Quote Form

Steam distribution coils also known as non-freeze steam coils are designed for low temperature applications. Where entering air temps of 55 degrees or less. Specializing in design and production of your steam distribution coils, with proper condensate removal for efficient operation. These steam coils are designed with one header, a tube within a tube configuration, and baffles which direct the steam directly through the inner tube. This allows condensation to be removed out of the outer tube and to the return. Tube and connection sizes are essential parts of the design of a steam distribution coil, as they limit water hammer and the freezing of tubes, providing even steam distribution throughout the entire coil. We manufacture steam distribution coils with various tube wall thicknesses that are designed for optimum performance handling a large range of steam pressures.

Please note that Nationwide Coils, Inc. does not supply coils for residential use.

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