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Steam Coils

Steam Coils

Steam has been a primary sources of heating for over a 100 years commonly used for heating large commercial buildings and facilities across the country. There are many benefits to steam heating over hot water heating. Steam has a very high temperature as it enters the steam coil for example 5 PSI steam has temperature of 227 degrees compared to water that typically has a 180 degree entering water temperature. This contributes to the steam coils ability to resist freezing in frigid environments across the North East and Midwest. This was seen first hand in the winter of 2013/14 as many hot water coils froze when most of the country went well below freezing temperatures for extended periods. Steam coils have a higher thermal content and are able to heat faster making in much more resistant to freezing. Steam distribution coils are specifically designed to operate in much lower temperatures with a tube within tube design. As the steam enters the header it is baffled through the inner tube as the heat transfer occurs the condensate by product is drained to the outer tube and back to the return of the steam coil. There are many advantages to this set up, it is much less likely to have condensate backup when entering air temperatures going into the steam coil are very low. This creates large amount of condensate and reduces water hammer do steam coming in direct contact with the condensate water. When installing steam coils it is very important to select the correct traps and sizes for correct and efficient operation. In the above picture you will see the header of a steam distribution coil showing the tube within tube design.

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