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Trane SXHFC75 Condenser Coils

The Trane SXHFC75 Air Cooled Chiller is a common unit that we often have request to manufacture direct replacement coils. This is a large 75 Ton unit with two identical opposite end condenser coils that have a fin height of 60″  X fin length 96″ X 4 rows making them very large coils. The coils are mounted in the unit as a mirror image of each other with the condenser fan motors above. This “super coil” as with many other Trane condenser coils have points at each end of the tube sheet. This allows the coil to mount in the unit seamlessly resting on the tube sheet. This point is what makes duplicating these type of coils very specific process, with the correct measurements of the angles and distances we can duplicate this condenser coil for an exact fit. Nationwide coils has this drawing fort the Trane SXHFC75 on file for the making purchasing the replacement coils very simple, getting them to the job site when you need them. Our large database of OEM drawings make ordering simple.

When you go with an aftermarket replacement coil for OEM equipment there are many benefits for the end user. One option is increasing the copper tube wall thickness to withstand the elements of mother nature making a much more rigid coil. Another option is that you can select a heavier thickness aluminum fin or switch to copper fins to withstand corrosive environments. Coil coating is also available to greatly increase the lifespan and efficiency of the coil and along with a 5 year warranty. If you have any questions on the Trane SXHFC75 or any other OEM condenser coil replacement feel free to contact us.


Quick Ship – Nationwide Coils can manufacture the exact fit OEM coil and deliver it to you when you need it. With capabilities of manufacturing a replacement coil in just 1, 3, 5 or 10 business day expedited options!

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